We are happy to announce that a new update is released for our software. We work to improve and make our script to be better only.

Here is the changelog:
  • Fixed payment settings page showing warnings
  • Added non-encoded blank.php file for front-end
  • Fixed cron jobs
  • Fixed profile generate and download not working for some customers
  • Fixed an issue with cart.php
  • Increased character limit for smtp password from 50 to 150
  • Fixed password reset page
  • Added missing place to use gift codes (at pricing page)
  • Fixed php warnings for mailer
Thanks to everyone that supported us by reporting the issues / bugs you encounter. If you find an issue please contact us through our contact page and we will do the best to solve the issue as soon as possible. You may also contact us for your suggestions! https://vpnscript.net/contact

How to install the update ?

1 – You can install the update automatically by going to your Manager > System Settings > Check Updates. — OR — 2 – You can manually download the update archive here. After downloading the archive, upload the files to your hosting and replace the existing one and then import & execute the upgrade.sql file through your phpMyAdmin.

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