We deliver the Solution You need for your vpn business

An easy to use & powerful software to handle your servers, billing and customers!

Easy to use design

Seamlessly go from deploying to scaling.

Quick Installations

Follow our official documentations to install the vpn servers and integrate with few clicks.

Central Auth

Manage vpn authentication in one single database rather than creating authentication on each server.

Limit Devices

Set maximum amount of concurrent connections for each vpn account, on each payment plan.

Server Configurations

Automatically list & download the required configuration files to connect the vpn servers.


Accept 50+ different crypto currencies easily including BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT with Coinpayments.net


Enabled Paypal pass-thru on Coinpayments.net to accept credit card payments as well.

Discount Coupons

Give out fixed price or percentage discounts on various plans you have on sale.


Generate invoices for new orders or renewals to track customer and accept payments.