Deploying an OpenVPN server is as simple as clicking few buttons
in your management dashboard.

Auto installation

You don't need to master Linux and OpenVPN configuration to install the protocol on your servers. VPN Script has the ability to auto install & configure OpenVPN on your servers.

Database authentication

Your customers information are stored on a shared database instead of saving on each server separately. Your servers will connect to the same database to check and confirm authentication.

Device limit

You can set maximum device limit allowed for customers simultaneous connection to your vpn service. This feature is only supported for OpenVPN through UDP protocol.

One of the most common VPN Protocol that is available

OpenVPN is widely used VPN protocol throughout the market. It is an open source connection protocol used to facilitate a secure tunnel between two points in a network.

  • Support over 1024 concurrent client connections.
  • Auto install on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Amazon Linux 2, Fedora, Oracle Linux 8, Arch Linux, Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux.
  • API Endpoints ready to integrate with custom client software.

Generate and download profiles to connect OpenVPN

VPN Script will generate the necessary profile file to connect the service with OpenVPN clients. You can use the same profile to connect with your custom made desktop or mobile clients.